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Do you LEAP INTO the Uncomfortable or tippy toe in? 🤔

Last week at Glen Ivy they had Hot & Cold pools. 🔥🥵🧊🥶

Before going I committed to jumping in the ice cold water as many times as possible for its health benefits, which turned out to be 5 times for maximum benefits! 🥰

As I watched others walk into that cold pool slowly, I knew once it’s my turn there was NO WAY I could do that! 🥶😯

I knew that for me I had to either DIVE IN, which wasn’t allowed, or LEAP IN quickly! 🙃

So I leaped into that uncomfortable and the unknown! 😬

Knowing that’s where GROWTH & TRANSFORMATION happens! 💪🏼

🥇 The 1st time it was TOUGH and I could barely breathe, felt my body contract until the end of the 30secs, where my body started expanding.
⁣ ⁣
🥈 The 2nd time I immediately expanded my body, began breath work, breathing deeply while barely moving for 45secs.

🥉 The 3rd time I continued for right under 1min and at the end dunked my head under before going back to the hot pool!

4️⃣ The 4th time I was able to talk and laugh and stayed for 1.25mins, dunked my head under again too!

5️⃣ The 5th time I started feeling comfortable around 1 min and half, stayed 3mins and could’ve stayed longer even! 😍

Anything is possible when we COMMIT and push through the mental thoughts! 🧠💪🏼

And so of course yesterday I had a powerful client session⁣ with 𝗣𝗦𝗬𝗖𝗛-𝗞® and afterwards what came to me was to have them practice RECEIVING fully…

Which was nauseatingly uncomfortable for them! 🤢

Yet they committed to this action of fully RECEIVING and several hours later I received these texts! 🤯😍

OF COURSE they would have all these wonderful experiences! 🧚‍♀️

So LEAP INTO the uncomfortable and unknown, even when feeling nauseous, which actually means there will be an even more MASSIVE growth to the point that you will be unrecognizable to yourself on the other side…


When you’re ready to make those MASSIVE mind blowing shifts in your life, schedule your Complimentary Consultation before the last 3 spots are filled and you’re put on my waitlist!👇🏼

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