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❤️‍🔥 Client Appreciation ❤️‍🔥

During client sessions I often hear how grateful they are for the work we do together, whether it’s me empowering them, guiding them, coaching, Energy HEALing, Past Life visions, channeling, or whatever else that comes thru during a session! 🥰

After a POWERFUL Energy HEALing session last week and a channeled guided meditation I walked a client through, I realized that I must start recording each client session for not just the client’s sake, but also for my own purposes for such channeled messages that come through during the sessions as well as testimonials shared with me during the sessions, which I only will share with permission of course, otherwise it’s fully confidential! 🤐
This same client told me during our session this week how she feels as if she’s been on cloud 9 soon after the Energy HEALing & Past Life Release session, and now has finally leaped out of her old self after MONTHS of being a hermit! 🤯
The glow on her face, her carelessness around what had kept her inside, the judgment she had of herself… ALL GONE! 💥
In the last 13+ months of working with me off and on, she’s gone from laying around for months to having a FULL calendar for the next couple of months! 🗓😍
After having worked with many others, from therapists to coaches, she continues to attribute this MASSIVE shift to our sessions and the work she’d done with me, always bringing me to tears of gratitude for her growth! 🥺
Yes, I tear up with my clients not just because I’m connected to them energetically, but also witnessing their transformation and growth brings me to tears of gratitude and fulfillment, knowing I’m living my life’s purpose! 🥲

Each person’s path varies, I have another client that’s been with me for 3.5 years who I’ve also witnessed massive shifts thru our time together & today I was in AWE of her growth & choices she’s continuously making, to the point that her old self would NOT recognize who she is today! 🥰
I do wish somehow those that don’t leap in would just have a glimpse of where they would be if only they would SAY YES and see for themselves the difference my work makes for them! 😍

If you’ve been curious, then it’s time to contact me! 🙋🏻‍♀️📩

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