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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Have you noticed the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know?! 🤨
Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but consider it for a moment…

There is SOO much wisdom and knowledge out there in the Universe that to think you know everything is quite ridiculous. 🤪

I notice the more I learn, the more awareness I have that there is so much more I still don’t know! 🤯

One can read and study books day and night and STILL not learn all there is to learn! 📚

Looking back at how much of a know it all I once was, I realize it was all due to insecurities…

Haven’t you noticed those who actually are super knowledgeable and wise typically are more humble? 🤔

It’s the insecurities that have us feel the URGE to prove something to others…

I know I created a “I’m stupid and must prove I’m smart” story ALL because my 5th grade teacher answered my question with:

“OMG ANUSCHKA! How did make it to the 5th grade?!” 😱

And all the kids surrounding my table bursted out in laughter… 😒

The SHAME I felt in that moment to the point that it changed me as a person and I never even mentioned this to my parents! 😳

It’s crazy how an experience that lasts less than a minute long can completely change so much within you especially as a child and thus change the trajectory of your life! 🤷🏻‍♀️

So next time you are having a conversation and someone brings up a subject you’re unfamiliar with, consider keeping an open mind…

And if you notice yourself feeling the urge to protect yourself by engaging in a debate and being condescending to not feel “inferior” or whatever other insecurity comes up, then ask yourself:

“What is being triggered inside me and what am I trying to prove?”

When you keep an open mind and engage with curiosity, asking questions for clarity, you may learn something new! 🥰

We all have insecurities so if you’re someone who’s insecurities constantly get in the way of you LEAPING into your NEXT LEVEL, then DM me or book a connection call to see if Self Empowerment & HEALing Mastery is for YOU! 🧠💖💫

👉🏼 👈🏼

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