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Just BREATHE… 😮‍💨


Time to BREATHE & start BEING! 😮‍💨💁🏻‍♀️

I’ve practically lost my voice, which is a sign that my BODY gives me when I’m overly exhausted… 😩

I typically can handle A LOT and those around me always say: I don’t know how you do it! 🙃

I have the capacity to fill my plate up and then some…

And I typically do really well when my plate is maxed out as I’m able to actually get more done since I become VERY intentional! 🫡

Although this month I started experiencing that feeling of being overextended quite a bit! 😳

This fertility journey takes a toll on the MIND BODY & SPIRIT. 🧠💖💫

Within this last month I’ve had FOUR different doctors in FOUR different clinics inside of me, two of which were quite painful physically AND emotionally! 🥺

Not to mention completing an intense Ayurveda detox while traveling and then adjusting the foods I eat to continue following the Ayurveda guidelines plus added supplements suggested by both Eastern & now Western medicine… 🩺

And then the decision to go to Tijuana to see a recommended fertility doctor not knowing what the experience would be like, whether the language barrier would cause issues, or even the cleanliness of the clinics… 😑

And let me tell you my experience down there has been AMAZING with both the fertility doctor and his staff as well as the Radiology Center where it feels that our doctor is willing to spend quality time to really explain and DRAW exactly what is going on in both of our bodies to give us a much better understanding & clear any confusion rather than not responding to my questions or saying I don’t know! 🥰

Additionally, I was able to get my HSG Test scheduled within a week after one call rather than waiting 6 weeks after multiple calls trying to find an available appointment locally to complete during my last cycle and not wait for my next cycle to move forward quickly! 😍
And of course so grateful for how smooth & quick the HSG Test was and it didn’t take forever getting the catheter inside my cervix while also hearing their struggles doing so, plus NO pain! 👏🏼

Thankfully the HSG test results were great and both my Fallopian tubes are clear as is my uterus, minus the 7-8 fibroids that were confirmed in the X-ray… 🩻

At this point my intuition is a YES to surgery, even though I know there are holistic approaches to getting rid of fibroids, but the amount of time those take is unknown, so times like this when it feels urgent I believe involving Western treatments is best, especially since one of the fibroids is the size of a golf ball – a bit over 4cm! 🏥

Our doctor said the surgery could be done this Friday, but with all that’s been going on this month including my business, birthdays, Pashmak’s accidents, and many other things I’m not mentioning, plus my brain MRI this upcoming Sunday, there was NO WAY this surgery was happening that FAST…🙅🏻‍♀️

The doctor and Ashkan agreed, even though MY BODY, MY CHOICE obviously! 😝
As you can only imagine being asked to add just one more thing to my plate suddenly makes my insides wanna scream! 🗣

So now after a FUN weekend full of DOING with two birthday celebrations, too much volleyball with a double session yesterday, having played AGAIN today, then taking Pashmak to his appointment earlier, and just being GO GO GO for way too long, it’s time to CHILL OUT for a couple days until I get my voice back and figure out a time to go down to Tijuana and choose which hospital the surgery will be at since apparently it’ll be an overnight stay. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you’re still reading, THANK YOU! 🙏🏼

As always, I tend to journal publicly because it could possibly inspire someone out there to NEVER GIVE UP either or even provide other options not considered before. 💖

And for a bit more inspiration, this video was emailed to me at the perfect timing last week, so if you’re also going through your own fertility journey, I highly recommend watching this “Against All Odds”.

And if you’re struggling with your own fertility journey, schedule a consultation with me to learn how to release all the stress or subconscious beliefs that could be the reason you haven’t been successful:

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