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This quote hit deep! ❤️‍🔥

So many people I know in my life whether friends, family, or clients are always striving for perfection and losing sight of the journey. 🫣

Being a recovering perfectionist myself, I still notice the little things I do on autopilot and have gotten really good at catching myself consciously and disrupting it, then laughing because how ridiculous I’m being! 😂

For instance making sure the butter knives are all facing the same side in the drawer or all my supplement bottles organized by size and color plus having the level pointing outwards… 🤦🏻‍♀️

These are minuscule compared to striving for perfection in terms of ourselves OR our success OR whatever else in life, there will always be disappointment…

Yes our souls are perfect and we are spiritual beings living a HUMAN experience…

That human experience is all about learning and up leveling so no matter how much you strive for perfection, you’ll never get there.






Life is all about the JOURNEY and being grateful and joyous through THAT! 😍

The destination is a temporary fulfillment and if you’re constantly looking for the next best thing because what you have or where you’re at isn’t good enough, then you’ll never be happy in the moment. 🙃

And thus will always feel delayed! 😵‍💫

So consider focusing on improving daily to be the best version of YOU because even 1% daily is continuous improvement towards your infinite NEXT LEVEL! ♾

As always, if you feel stuck and looking become a recovered perfectionist like myself, then consider getting UNCOMFORTABLE and contacting me or someone else that resonates with you for accountability and Next Level guidance because we ALL can benefit from that as I have from my own mentor! 👥

And WHEN you’re ready AND committed to making mind blowing changes in YOUR life, schedule that Complimentary Consultation to see what services best suits YOU!👇🏼

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