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Hope for the BEST but EXPECT the worst?! 🤨

Have you heard the saying “Hope for the BEST but EXPECT the worst”? 🤨

I used to live by this years ago before all my HEALing & Personal Transformation, thinking THIS was the best way to live! 😱

Whereas now I so clearly see how living that way was a total protection mechanism to avoid that feeling of disappointment 😣 and actually by expecting the WORST, we end up creating exactly that! 😳

Through my fertility journey, I continue to say ANYTHING is possible & since I know we are Infinite Beings, as long as I intuitively KNOW I’m meant to get pregnant & be a mother, it shall be! 🤰🏻

We all have limiting beliefs we’re unaware of that may hinder our manifestations & by choosing to heal those Inner Child wounds, we are able to move forward! ✨

YES, healing those deep core wounds can be extremely painful & draining, yet the other side is so rewarding! 🥰

We create our own reality based on our thoughts, beliefs (subconscious included), and thus our vibration! 💖

So saying “Hope for the BEST, Expect the WORST” creates WHAT? 🤨

Thankfully I’ve gotten the steps down:

1️⃣ AWARENESS of our daily words, thoughts, & context we live in. 💭

2️⃣ ACCEPTING what’s so in the present moment, determining the facts, & distinguishing any stories created around the facts, and feeling ALL emotions… NOT suppressing them! 😭🤬

3️⃣ CLEARING & RELEASING any Emotions, Fears, Doubts, or blocked Energy because one cannot have TRUST & FAITH when there is any FEAR & DOUBT. 😨

4️⃣ ENVISIONING the BEST version possible that excites you like a kid in a candy store! 🍭

5️⃣ FEELING the EXCITEMENT & JOY you would feel if that BEST version was already present! 🤩

6️⃣ Having NO expectations or attachments because when you surrender to “everything happens for your Highest Good” while envisioning what you desire beyond your dreams & the imaginable will bring about exactly that… or MORE! 😍

7️⃣ And lastly, SEEKING the GIFT if things don’t turn out as you envisioned & taking a new ACTION while having TRUST, FAITH, PATIENCE, and NEVER giving up as long as your intuition is a YES! 💝

Manifestations are bound to happen when we follow these steps with NO DOUBT. 🧠💖💫

In the meantime I am SO grateful to have a hubby that is my ride or die, even through our ups and downs because that’s what marriage is all about! 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻

After yesterday’s draining day going to the fertility clinic in Tijuana, then confirmation of the fibroids needing to be surgically removed according to the fertility doctor (who was very informative btw and cleared up all my confusion), then hormonal panel blood work when we got back, I laid around the rest of the afternoon through the night just feeling blah, randomly crying and finally doing 𝗣𝗦𝗬𝗖𝗛-𝗞® to release remainder of my emotions. ❤️‍🩹

I woke up this morning in a much better place and as I walked into the kitchen I found these beautiful flowers with a heartfelt note that brought me to tears of joy, knowing we’re meant to be parents! 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 📝💐🌼

As always, if you feel stuck and could benefit from support on these steps, then consider getting UNCOMFORTABLE and contacting me or someone else that resonates with you for accountability and Next Level guidance because we ALL can benefit from that as I have from my own mentor! 👥

And WHEN you’re ready AND committed to making mind blowing changes in YOUR life, schedule that Complimentary Consultation to see what services best suits YOU!👇🏼

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