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Getting out of your regular daily routine to explore something new expands your mind, brings about more consciousness, allows for new connections, and gets you out of your comfort zone! 🤩

Many people avoid CHANGE or don’t like it even because it requires getting out of their comfortable way of living…

Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that way of living slows down your growth and evolution to your Next Level.

I personally LOVE trying out new things, new places, and even connecting with new people! 🥰

And it wasn’t always comfortable for me either, yet over time the more I’ve put myself out there and said YES to that which made me uncomfortable has allowed my comfort zone to expand to a bigger circle! ⭕️

Over the weekend I played volleyball at Del Mar dog beach for the first time and it was a FUN day! 🤩

When we get stuck in our ways for too long, the uncomfortable becomes even more uncomfortable so consider taking on the challenge of doing ONE uncomfortable thing a week and saying YES to that which makes you uncomfortable, but you know you wanna do it deep down! 😜

Even if that means getting UNCOMFORTABLE and contacting me or someone else that resonates with you for accountability and Next Level guidance because we ALL can benefit from that! 👥

So WHEN you’re ready AND committed to making mind blowing changes in YOUR life, schedule that Complimentary Consultation to see what services best suits YOU!👇🏼

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