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What is CONFIDENCE really? 🤔

When I first started out as a Coach and Healer, I did not have the CONFIDENCE in coaching since it was completely new, unknown, and I did not have trust in myself. 😳

This was no different than my previous career either especially as a consultant since I was starting a new project all the time and with every new job, I always felt that I needed to prove myself due to others’ judgments of me…

I was typically one of the only females at most my jobs plus I looked young and even had a CEO think I was one of the other consultant’s daughters! 😳

Or because of my looks and how I dressed people assumed I was in marketing and wouldn’t take me seriously. 😒

Angel Card Intuitive Readings at the end of each client session are always on point! 🤯😍

Over time as I gained experience and developed my expertise, I was able to speak with more confidence and no longer felt the need to PROVE myself because I believed in my work knowing I’d get projects done quicker than others at times, and even would receive rewards! 🤩

Coaching & HEALing has been no different, I know now it’s a GIFT I have and although at first I didn’t have CONFIDENCE, seeing the massive shifts in my clients and receiving such messages almost daily and even from former clients has given me the experience…

I trust and believe in myself and KNOW that those who work with me, commit to the work, and choose HEALing over and over again, will master Self Empowerment & HEALing for themselves because they too begin to have more CONFIDENCE! ❤️‍🩹💫

CONFIDENCE comes with experience, belief, and trust in yourself! 💪🏼

You can’t just BE confident in something out of thin air! 🌬

Former Breast Cancer Thriver Client on the right about the first annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser she created! 💖

Although there are those that exude the energy of CONFIDENCE, that’s completely different…

When you believe in yourself and have Self Love, that CONFIDENCE energy comes from within and is evident. 💁🏻‍♀️

And not to be mistaken with arrogance. 🤨

What can you do to create CONFIDENCE in all areas of your life?👇🏼

IF YOU or ANYONE you know are struggling with creating confidence in HEALing of any kind, I’m here to support you! 💁🏻‍♀️🤙🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

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