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Skeptic to MIND BLOWN! 🤯

Are you a SKEPTIC when it comes to Energy HEALing? 🤨

Be honest, it’s ok, you can comment below! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Because I was too! 😱

I didn’t even know what the Levels of Consciousness was or that we vibrate at frequencies prior to 2015! 😳

I’ve always needed proof via science or math… 🧫

I mean let’s face it, I went to Engineering school and my brain is pretty 50/50 when it comes to right and left / analytical and creative mind. 🙃

So when I first discovered that we vibrate at different frequencies, then learned about Dr. Emoto’s water crystal healing, I was fascinated yet skeptical because I NEEDED PROOF! 👩🏻‍🔬

Then I discovered Quantum Physics, which I LOVE since it brings Science to Spirit! 🧬
But I still hadn’t EXPERIENCED energy healing until the brain tumor journey, which was absolutely MIND BLOWING and MAGICAL! 🤯

I literally felt something static like during a Reiki session exactly in the area where the tumor was! 😍

Thankfully I had opened up to believing at that point, so I wasn’t blocking the energy healing… ❤️‍🩹

And that was just the beginning until more unfolded through various modalities and I realized I’m a Healer myself! 😍


So when I receive such messages where a SKEPTIC becomes MIND BLOWN by the massive shift they experience, I get super stoked and smile from ear to ear! 🤩

Anonymous Client

Energy HEALing is POWERFUL! 💫
It may seem strange at first, and once you begin to experience the difference it makes in your life, you begin to realize that no matter how much MIND & BODY work you do, without clearing Energies that no longer serve or benefit you, you will continue to have blocks in your life…

Same Client

Are YOU ready to release trapped emotions and clear energies that no longer serve or benefit you?👇🏼😉

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