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What is a REBIRTHDAY? 🥳

I thought I had made up this term after going through my brain cancer healing journey… 🧠❤️‍🩹

Come to find out others celebrate their REBIRTHDAYS as well, such as Anita Moorjani! 🥰

Kristian’s blog snippet #1

For me, it means going through something extreme, whether a life altering medical condition, a diagnosis, or hitting rock bottom…

Kristian’s blog snippet #2

And then having an awakening to the TRUE YOU by embracing and accepting the challenge in your life and doing EVERYTHING it takes to heal internally by facing those deep dark shadows and inner child traumas & wounds…

It’s NOT easy, yet those that go ALL IN are those that have the REBIRTH! 👩🏻‍🦲🦸🏻‍♀️

Kristian’s blog snippet #3

There will be tears of sadness and screams of anger…

And it’s all to release the energy that’s been trapped inside! 😭🤬

What follows is a knowing that your life is changed FOREVER…

And for the BETTER! 🥰

Kristian’s blog snippet #4

One of the first mindset shifts I work with my clients on is to have them look at the day they discovered their challenge / diagnosis / etc. as the day of their REBIRTH!! 🧠💖💫

Mine is the day I went in for my MRI and they didn’t let me leave the hospital… 🏥

Instead, I was escorted to the ER then ICU, with a craniotomy to follow 5 days later…

That day I walked into the hospital, 8/23/2017, is my REBIRTHDAY and one I celebrate just as much if not more than more BIRTHDAY! 🎉

And I love that it’s also on the 23rd, since that’s my number! 🦄

I am SOOOO proud of my former client now friend Kristian for not only surviving, but also THRIVING and celebrating her REBIRTHDAY! 💪🏼🦸🏻‍♀️🎉

Her blog is a must read and these are just snippets of it:

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