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Have you Heard of Phototherapy? ✨

Yesterday marks 2 months since my fibroid surgery and I had purchased these frequency patches that you put on like a bandaid at specific points of your body.

They are scientifically backed and considered technology, which of course gets my geek side doing the happy dance! 💃🏻

As soon as you wear the patch, the nano crystals within the patch get activated and they emit a wavelength of light that stimulates the body to create stem cells, or glutathione (a master antioxidant for better immunity and detoxing), or other peptides, and there’s one to reduce inflammation and stress too! 🤯

A dear friend of mine did a clinical study on the stem cell patch for her PhD dissertation, so there is definitely science behind these! 🧬

As soon as I got back from surgery, I opened up my box of patches and been using several this last week to quicken my recovery by:

⚪️ Stimulating my body to create more stem cells
⚪️ Speeding up recovery AND healing the incision
⚪️ Reducing the scar to possibly invisible
⚪️ Increasing glutathione levels by up to 300% – more than a glutathione IV‼️
⚪️ Reducing inflammation & cortisol due to the surgery
⚪️ Reducing pain levels rapidly
⚪️ Improving the health of all my organs

There are so many other benefits that I haven’t even listed and I CANNOT remember why oh WHY I stopped using them! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Additionally I’ve been having my morning powder elixir creation making it a SUPER breakfast:

🥛 Beets
🥛 Greens
🥛 Moringa
🥛 Lion’s Mane
🥛 Mushroom Immune Booster
🥛 Flaxseed
🥛 AND a delicious plant-based Pumpkin Chai Latte ‘tis the season 🎃

Yes, I still use Isagenix products although I don’t post about it much…

I even started using their Collagen Elixir again and right after surgery I was having two a day for the first month.

And of course Essential Oils… because they are ESSENTIAL! 😜

Every morning I feed these easily ready nutrients to my body and it excites me even more now knowing there have been upgrades in the formulation! 🤩

With the way the nurse reacted to my scar, I may not even have a scar with how quickly it’s healing! 🤯😍

If you’re intrigued to learn more, you can always contact me! 💁🏻‍♀️

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