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Let Me Tell You a Story of How 💩 Turned into MAGIC! 🪄

With having turned our first home together into a beautiful Airbnb of 14 guests by the Bay and pouring LOVE into the house, there have been a few challenges…

One of our first guests was unfortunately a nightmare guest that we never believed was possible, although definitely an anomaly as we’ve had wonderful guests for the most part throughout the 6+ years of being Superhosts…

Unfortunately these guests left the place in such a way that left both us and our cleaners in shock, including blood and vomit! 😱

They also had apparently flushed way too many paper towels and baby wipes in the toilet, which unfortunately caused plumbing issues for the guests to follow! 😳

As you can imagine after such a horrendous experience, we really were hoping to have wonderful and respectful guests to follow as well as a great experience for them! 🤩

And then Saturday evening we received a message that the toilet was backed up, so when we couldn’t find an available plumber, we ended up going to the house while they were out to dinner…

As we tried to unclog the normal way that’s always worked for me, we noticed the tub wasn’t draining either! 😩

After multiple calls, the earliest available plumber was the next morning, so we requested to not use that bathroom while expressing our sincerest apologies and truly feel crappy about the situation, yet these ladies were a breath of fresh air and MAGICAL really! 🥰

They were very understanding and come to find out they were having a ladies retreat to Nourish the Soul, one that I would have attended myself as it seemed so in alignment with everything I do! 🦄

Our Airbnb 🏡

But then when we got home, we received a message that stuff was now coming out of the other showers, toilets, and sink! 😭

Ashkan and I both got frantic being late night Saturday and started calling even more plumbing companies, yet NO ONE was available for same night emergency service – which on another note is SHOCKING to me! 🤯

AND we ALL realized why it was meant to play out this way the following day when Ashkan went to the house to meet the plumber and began talking with the ladies…

He shared my brain tumor healing journey and next thing he calls me and asks me to come down as they want to hear my story…

Immediately after I got the message that this 💩 was meant to happen in order for us to meet! 🥰

Once I show up, these 12 beautiful souls are seated surrounding the fireplace in our patio talking about the miracles of the weekend! 🪄

They had us join in and I felt an immediate soul connection! 🫂

Next thing I know after sharing our journey, sweet Judy gifted me two books, one of which she wrote herself: Beautiful Tragedy, which I can see recommending to clients of mine who have the unfortunate loss. 💔

They shared how they feel LOVE in this house and it was her favorite Airbnb she’s been to AND get this…

That the 💩 was meant to come up in order for us to meet! 🤯😍

How MAGICAL is that?! 🪄

Once asked why we moved out of the house, I mentioned we are expanding our family and so expanding our house…🏡

And the next thing I know these beautiful souls were called to do a prayer for me as Ashkan had left at this point to deal with the plumber, and multiple of them saw two babies! 💖💙

I’m still BLOWN away and cannot believe how such a 💩 situation, LITERALLY, turned into MAGIC! 🪄

There is ALWAYS a GIFT or lesson learned in EVERY 💩 situation and sometimes it’s not as in your face and literal as this, AND when you seek that GIFT, you will always find it! 💝

Want to create MAGIC in your life and live life to the fullest in the face of ANY circumstance?👇🏼

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