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I Am Officially a PSYCH-K® Facilitator!

I am MIND BLOWN beyond words! 🤯

PSYCH-K® Facilitator

It’s been YEARS coming since the day I discovered subconscious reprogramming thru a video at the start of 2015 by one of my idols, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Cellular Biologist & Quantum Physics expert, where he described the Honeymoon Effect & reprogramming your subconscious using subliminal messages & this “thing” called PSYCH-K®…

Initially I started using subliminal messages & binaural audios as Lipton suggested, yet they take time & consistency, whereas this AMAZING & simple modality reprograms subconscious limited beliefs & perceptions we’ve held onto or even have for our future within MINUTES! 🪄

Fast forward to the GBM brain tumor HEALing Journey, I did ALL types of treatments & healings, one of which was working with someone over the phone who used PSYCH-K® with me & all I knew was my limited subconscious beliefs were being reprogrammed like defragmenting a computer! 💻

And soon after I felt as light as a feather! 🪶🥰

Come to find out, it was the same modality that I was so fascinated by just a couple years before, PSYCH-K®! 🦄

After doing more research back then, since I was a skeptic at the time & new to energy work or healing, I discovered that this modality is backed by science, which my analytical engineering mind was super stoked on! 🤓

And so I KNEW intuitively that PSYCH-K® was in my path, just wasn’t sure WHEN…

Until I received a message during a meditation in December that 2022 was THE year!

So the first week of 2022, I just decided to research the logistics & as soon as I stumbled upon the Long Beach one, my intuition was a YES & I registered soon after! 🙌🏼

Although I was supposed to take it in February, & then March, I now realize it was meant to be NOW! 🫶🏼

Divine Timing & Universal Alignment baby! 🦄

And I absolutely LOVED Ada Child, our Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, as well as our intimate group of like minded ladies! 🥰👯‍♀️


And now I am proud to say I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator & I’m ready to guide YOU in shifting your subconscious BELIEFS & TRAUMAS that you are ready to change! 🧠💖🪄

If YOU are curious & ready for some MIND BLOWING work, comment below OR send me a message!👇🏼

P.S. As much as I enjoy in person workshops and get my cup filled and overflowing, there’s always nothing like HOME SWEET HOME! 🏡

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