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Do You Track Your PROGRESS? 🤔

No matter what you’re dealing with in life, without tracking your progress one way or another you will never really know the amount of progress you’ve made! 📈

Human nature has you dwell on the pain or negativity unless you WAKE UP consciously and shift what you focus on…

Because “what you focus on GROWS…

What you think about expands and…

What you dwell upon determines your destiny.”


Don’t DWELL on the PAIN or NEGATIVE…

and SEEK 1% BETTER daily! 🎢

I’ve been tracking my progress this last week rather than getting sucked into the pain and continue focusing on that 1% better so that recovery happens even quicker! ❤️‍🩹

The first couple of days I was laid out and any movement felt like my insides were being torn… 😣

I was finally able to sit Tuesday somewhat, so I celebrated that progress! 🥳

I have been terrified to laugh, cough, and sneeze because of the pain that follows, but as of yesterday I was able to laugh somewhat, so YAY! 😆

Today I woke up and was finally able to stretch that morning stretch… the things we take for granted! 🙆🏻‍♀️

AND I was able to have TWO ✌🏼 rescheduled client sessions today as well, one of which was a NEW client and we had a POWERFUL first session! 😍

I did need to stand through some of sessions so really felt grateful for my electric table! 🥰

Tomorrow morning will be a week and looking forward to even more progress! 🤩

Improving 1% better daily becomes 365% improvement over a year and that in itself is creating a whole new YOU! 💁🏻‍♀️

As always, if you feel stuck & could benefit from support, then consider getting UNCOMFORTABLE & contacting me for accountability & Next Level guidance because we ALL can benefit from that as I have from my own mentors too! 👥

WHEN you’re ready & committed to make mind blowing changes in YOUR life, schedule that Complimentary Consultation to see what services best suits YOU! 💖👇🏼

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