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Isn’t It Ironic…

Isn’t it ironic that we mostly value something once we’ve lost it? 🤨

⁣We take what we have for granted as if it will always be! 😳

⁣Not realizing that NOTHING is permanent…

⁣And everything is temporary.

⁣Including your life! 😵‍💫

⁣And of course your HEALTH! 💚

⁣So many walk around thinking they’re invincible until they’re hit smack in the face with an illness…

⁣And then nothing else matters but getting their health & wellbeing back! 😅

⁣What if you were to get your health in check BEFORE your body screams at you? 🫵🏼

⁣Before physical symptoms become “terminal”, although I believe it’s not over til it’s over! 💪🏼

⁣Consider taking control of your life and listening to your body’s whispers… 🗣️

⁣Being preventative & shifting your focus & daily choices…

⁣In ALL areas of your life! 😍

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