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Inspiration vs. Motivation… What’s the Difference? 🤔

I used to have a super structured schedule and would criticize myself if I didn’t follow it, always looking for ways to motivate myself rather than taking action from an INSPIRED place… from within and following my INTUITION…⁣

And then I learned to follow #MyIntuition, which created a life of EASE, not to be confused with EASY 😜⁣

I still have an Ideal schedule and still like structure don’t get me wrong 😉 the difference is that I am flexible with my schedule based on what I’m inspired to do because here’s the thing:⁣

When we are INSPIRED and take action, we’re in alignment and everything FLOWS with EASE – again, not to say it’s EASY, don’t confuse the two 😛 ⁣

When in alignment, the fire 🔥 within us is ignited and INSPIRES us to take the actions towards our goals and the targets we’ve set! 🎯 Which then doesn’t ever feel FORCED…⁣

On the other hand, when setting oneself to take the actions even if there is no inspiration or fire, HAVING to motivate oneself to do what you don’t WANT to do will actually take much longer to complete AND most likely never as great as it will be when INSPIRED!⁣

Consider having that Ideal structure AND being flexible too! I still have my Calendar and Integrity List that I check daily, yet take action on the items ONLY when inspired to and have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in the outcome and results!

Even when it comes to bills and such 😛 there is a way!⁣

And if you’re stuck or struggling with this, let’s chat! 💁🏻‍♀️🤙🏼🙋🏻‍♀️ ⁣ Schedule a FREE #CONSULTATION with me:

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