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How would YOU like to create an ideal Healthy Lifestyle and Heal with EASE?
Have you been wondering is it even possible to Heal yourself?
Do you think can you even have an ideal Healthy Lifestyle?
Are you struggling with achieving your ideal Health?
Are you unsure what it means to heal your Mind, Body, & Spirit?
Are you struggling with Cancer or Tumor?
Do you have a Chronic Illness that you have been dealing with?
Have you been given a diagnosis or prognosis that has created fear?
Is your anxiety fear based? Are you scared to be scared?!
Do you consistently need external validation to be fulfilled & happy?
Is it challenging to Live Life to the Fullest?!
Have you tried countless methods and still cannot maintain that Healthy Lifestyle?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place…
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Anuschka Alborzian Bulletproof Interview

I’m Here For You!

My passion is to empower you to envision and create your IDEAL DREAM LIFE, while releasing the autopilot thoughts and behaviors that sabotage you from living that life!
A newly evolved and fulfilled YOU can emerge through Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka!
With various traumatic experiences throughout my life since childhood, extensive former career as a Software Engineer and an IT Consultant, having Healed myself from a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumor by balancing my MIND BODY and SPIRIT through countless Western and Eastern treatments, as well as having years of Coaching experience, my individualized  approach will Empower YOU to attain your future Health targets in the face of any circumstance!


As a professionally trained and experienced Life and Empowerment Health Coach in San Diego, I have the tools, distinctions, and understanding to Empower you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self! I empower my clients to shift their views of life and create empowering stories so that they are filled with vitality and enthusiasm through Empowerment Coaching!

What blind spots are in YOUR way of achieving that ideal JUICY life you truly desire?
What would life look like if you had it ALL YOUR WAY?
If Money and Time weren’t an issue, describe your IDEAL life?

And these are just a few questions to ponder and discover further with Anuschka!


I know committing to a Healthier Lifestyle is just that – a COMMITMENT, and it’s a big one that will take lots of dedication and believe me, it is worth it! After having gone through my own personal journey working with both Western medicine as well as Natural Path Doctors, Holistic Healers, Shamans, Energy and Light Workers, Subconscious Healers, you name it; my personal commitment to each and every client now is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and partnership while accomplishing lifetime of growth and Healthy Lifestyle!


Higher Consciousness, Higher Frequencies, Meditation, learning to follow my Intuition, working with Subconscious Healers, Partnering with Shamans, Running Bars and getting Certified to Run Bars for my clients, Reiki and attuned for Reiki II (working on Masters), and many other Energetic approaches to heal have been a huge part of my journey! After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket on various alternative and holistic approaches, alongside my Coach Training Program at the World’s Finest program (Accomplishment Coaching), and various other healing methods, I have determined which of those are a gimmick or real.
Once you believe it and experience it, it begins to make ALL the difference in your daily life!

Mind Body Spirit Healing at SHE Talks Conference in Las Vegas: The Power of Love Heals

As you see in my talk above, I have healed myself using the Mind Body Spirit approach and now am that for others: Mind Body Spirit Healer. Without all three pillars of this POWERFUL trinity being in balance, it is impossible to reach an ideal Healthy Lifestyle and Well Being!

I am Healer and am passionate about excelling and enhancing your Health and creating a Healthy Lifestyle by balancing all three of your Mind, Body, & Spirit.
Whether it be Empowerment, Transformation, Health, etc. I am beyond passionate about working with those that have the desire to take their Health to the next level, those that struggle with keeping their Health commitments thus targets, as well as those that are dealing with any type of Health related issues and desire to Live Life To The Fullest in the face of any circumstance!

Partner with me to HEAL yourself, Find your Inner Power, and BE 4 Ever Healed with!


Anuschka Alborzian is a Healer, an Empowerment Health Coach, and an Inspirational Speaker that focuses on balancing the Mind, Body & Spirit. She supports people to heal themselves from within and find their inner power

In August of 2017 her life changed drastically and she was Reborn

She is no stranger to overcoming challenging obstacles in her life, including having had an avocado sized Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumor and undergoing brain surgery to remove it all. Upon hearing a diagnosis and prognosis that would change her life forever, she empowered herself with a new perspective on healing, health, and life. She discovered how to live in the moment, find true happiness, stay positive during tough times, and how to find light in any darkness in order to overcome anything! Anuschka healed and balanced her Mind, Body, & Spirit and is now extremely passionate about empowering other people to heal themselves by creating an ideal Healthy Lifestyle through Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka! Without the balance of each pillar, it is impossible to live a TRUE Healthy Lifestyle!

ANUSCHKA’S PROMISE to those that work with her, who COMMIT to the WORK and to THEMSELVES, is that they will have a TRUE ideal Healthy Lifestyle, BE 4 Ever Healed, Master Self-Healing for themselves, and Live Life to the Fullest in the face of any circumstance!

Anuschka is committed to making a difference one HUMAN Being at a time through
Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka!

Your LIFE Depends On It!

Healing with Anuschka
Your LIFE Depends On It!
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Healing with Anuschka is dedicated to being the BEST Healer and Empowerment Health Coach! Our mission is to have each and every client working with Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka to Live Life to the Fullest in the face of any circumstance and BE 4 Ever Healed! When you partner with Mind Body Spirit Healing and Anuschka, your life will be Healed, and you will live a life of Empowerment and Transformation. Healing with Anuschka was created for that purpose alone: impacting as many lives to be FREE and authentically themselves while being supported by Anuschka!!! Schedule a FREE Discovery Session below. Your LIFE Depends On It:

What CHOICES are you making when it comes to your MIND BODY SPIRIT?